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The wraiths of Andelain, floating about for some God-unknown purpose.

Little is known of the wraiths of Andelain, except that they live - no surprise here - exclusively in Andelain. They appear only infrequently, having the form of small flickering tongues of orange-yellow flame, floating hither and thither as they go about their mysterious business. Despite the fact that they seem to have no use or purpose at all, they are considered a true wonder of the Land by all its peoples.


Frankly, none. The wraiths are pretty much good for nothing, just floating about and doing their own unintelligible thing. The one person who might have been able to give a greater insight into the nature and motivation of the wraiths was a nameless member of the Unfettered, who had made it his life's work to study these odd dainty little apparitions. Write the first section of your page here. He had spent years in Andelain, smoking copious amounts of Amanibhavam and staring obsessively at these little living balls of flame while giggling quietly to himself. (Presumably he found the wraiths peculiarly useful as ever-present lighters to spark up his auspiciously fragrant roll-ups). Sadly the results of this diligent scholar's long research will never now be known, since he was promptly slaughtered by a pack of Ur-viles while saving Covenant's ass in the First Chronicles.

So loved are the wraiths by all creatures (well, except for those on the side of the Bad Guys™) that, if they are ever threatened, in cutesey Disney Sleeping Beauty style, any woodland animals nearby will band together and rush to their aid. Sadly, this usually ends badly for them, with ur-viles or cavewights or whatever fell foes leaving the inevitably short battle with copious quantities of fox fur hides, badger paté and suchlike.


Although actually sighting a wraith is highly uncommon and considered a rare honour, they are most likely to be seen during the night of Banas Nimoram, or the rite of the celebration of spring. Were one to sneak ever so softly into Andelain at that time, one might be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of these strange little entities holding their own utterly silent version of a disco, with each cutting its own shapes and busting its own moves above the silken turf of a hidden dell right in the centre of that jewel of the Land.