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Wavenhair Haleall, wife to Sparlimb Keelsetter, is an invisible background Giantess mentioned in the First Chronicles. Okay, so she gave birth to the prophesied triplets that later became Raver-infested freaks, but apart from that, very little else is known about her.

One might presume that her first name apparently tells us that she had wavy hair, but this is not necessarily to be relied upon. She certainly wasn't permanently healthy ("hale" + "all"], and especially not after she was murdered by one of her trio of sons. But then again, her being delivered of the three bouncing baby bundles of joy (well... bouncing baby bundles of temporary joy), perhaps Wavenhair was given the honorific "Haleall" for being presumed to have brought health and happiness to all the Unhomed in finally fulfilling Lord Damelon's prophesy. Oops... did they ever get that one wrong.

Damn but SRD's tricky with his character names, huh?

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