The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

One of the Unfettered on his quest for spiritual enlightenment.

An Unfettered One is an erstwhile student of the Loresraat, the Land's version of a university, who's got bored with the teaching, decided to quit the course and go off to do his or her own thing instead. Imagine a hermit with a research fellowship, or a post-grad who's decided to take an eternal gap year and you'll be close.

Areas of Interest[]

The thing about the Unfettered is that they get utterly obsessed by the most banal and rarified of specialist subjects. For example, some have been known to spend decades just gazing into a flickering candle flame, whereas others try for years to learn how to converse with moss. It's all very odd, really.

What all Unfettered do have in common though is raging misanthropy - they all insist on living entirely solitary lives in the remotest of locations and reject all human company unless absolutely forced by necessity to do otherwise. None of them are big on personal hygiene and they're all frankly slightly crazy. Possibly because every last one of them is just a tad too fond of sparking up Amanibhavam roll-ups at the slightest available opportunity.

An Unfettered One can typically be recognized by his or her disgustingly grubby robes (that's if they've remembered to even bother getting dressed that day), an accompanying smell like a flatulent fox on heat, a tendency to gaze unseeing into the middle distance, plus a habit of talking and giggling to themselves while sitting and hugging their knees. Despite these frankly somewhat off-putting traits, they're invariably held in immense respect by the people of the Land, but God alone knows why.

Bunch of weirdos, if you ask me - why don't they go and get a proper job?