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This is the Gap into Mirror Land, the way to travel across the universe with a Gap drive, to walk through a mirror and see other worlds, to come to the Land or wherever else dreams may take one.

This is not particularly meant to be a compilation of information about Stephen Donaldson's books and their derivatives and stop at that. This is intended to be a place where stories are shared, artworks are shown and laughter is heard.

And a weird sense of humor is very definitely exercised.

Whatever is this about?Edit

The idea of the Gap into Mirror Land is to be about SRD's books and what is inspired by them in this world. It welcomes role-play and role-players, it's where to find artworks and fanfiction, analysis and comparisons and any other related subjects.

A few people and places to visitEdit

Feel free to check out some articles to get a feel for the place. All slides below are clickable, so pick whichever takes your fancy. Or why not stay awhile and browse to your heart's content?

Major Characters in The Chronicles of Thomas CovenantEdit

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The BooksEdit

The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant


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