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Stormpast Galesend, looking surprisingly cheerful as she waits in ambush on yet another wave of fell adversaries.

Stormpast Galesend is yet another red-shirted Swordmain in Rime Coldspray's dramatically life-expectancy-shortened band of largely doomed warriors. She steadfastly remains entirely in the background, barely characterized, perhaps uttering something somewhere, but nothing that ever lingers long in the reader's mind. She dies in The Last Dark in an equally unmemorable fashion. Well, if one pays heed while wading through the textual swamps of the tome, one may spot that a skurj tore off her arm ere pausing to break its fast on the remains of the poor sod somewhere in the outskirts of Mount Thunder, during a battle that claimed the lives of three Swordmainnir.

One does idly wonder, given her ginger ringlets, if Stormpast Galesend is related in some way to Lostson Longwrath, who sports a similar, if slightly more mannish version of said hairstyle.

(tba, find out if she actually had a minor role somewhere).