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Maimed but unbowed, Stave waits impassively in one of Revelstone's many granite corridors.

Stave, apart from serving as a support staff for Linden and Jeremiah, is a Haruchai, and one of the Masters of the Universe Land. That is, until his other oldenday companions forswear him for fanboying Linden too ardently. Well, blame the Ranyhyn as well for brainwashing him with tingling fantasies of her in a nurse's outfit in the heat of the horserite.

Appearance and Character[]

Akin to all Haruchai, he wears the same type of ochre-ish tunic that has adorned the lithe, brown-skinned bodies of these mountain dwellers for the past 10000+ years. The old proverb states that one should not fix something not broken, but come on. A perfect illustration of their haruheaded obstinacy; perhaps they even pass on these famed garments from father to son. So, unsurprisingly, his hair is also curly, dark, and cropped short. Do these men get born to the same immortal mother in a hive somewhere? Howsoever matters might stand, Stave is a wee bit more distinguishable from his clones by a half-burnt visage and a lost eye.



In the absence of Covenant, not to mention his post-incarnation spurning of Linden by the hackneyed “Do not touch me!” in Against All Things Ending, support for the Staden (Stave/Linden) ship spread like a cute new kitten macro. Such heartfelt sighs from the wistful audience! Unfortunately the doctor could not grasp the depths of his feelings beneath all that ochre-tuniced stoism, and flung herself into the arms of the original ringwielder once he returned from euthanizing his ex-wife. So romantic! Perhaps as a Rockbrother, he might now find some larger-than-life love among the few surviving Giantesses.