Starfare's Gem is a granite Giantship mastered by Honninscrave. For some peculiar reason, which deviates from the Giantish customs, the names of nautical vessels contain distinct breathing breaks, as opposed to such regularities as Shipsheartthew, Yummybreakfastporridgecookingpot, and Thisclaptrapsignifiesnaughtbutitexiststoannoypunyhumans.

Architecture and CrewEdit

Wrought of seamless granite, possibly with advanced wiving techniques, the dromond resembles a castle-sized Spanish galleon, with three masts that can each bear an equal number of sails. The humongous strength of the Giants allows such a behemoth to be manned with a crew of mere 40-50 individuals, the idea of which would make today's downsizing capitalists cream their panties.  

Stone ships have been floating about in branches of Norse mythology for a millennium or so, placing the author's sources again under stricter scrutiny. In a tale called Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss, a Nordic giant travels in a rowboat wrought of stone.

The crew responds to the following hierarchy of command:

1. The First of the Search (D'oh.)

2. Captain/Master Grimmand Honninscrave

3. Anchormaster Sevinhand

4. Storesmaster Heft Galewrath

5. Misc. sailors, cooks, a pitchwife, etc.

For some reason, Giantish Anchormasters always border on emaciated. Do they strive to appear as fleshless as the target of their professional attention, or does some unwritten code of seamanship allot them only quarter-rations? Some suspect that Heft Galewrath filches Sevinhand's grub, thus adding to her own girth while the other languishes.


Any dromond must employ a specialist called pitchwife, lest it might sink upon the first accident. The pitchwife of Starfare's Gem is called...ta-da...Pitchwife! "Pitchwife the Pitchwife" must appear smashing in a work résumé. This might function even in real life, especially during these dire times of recession: what a better way to advertise one's professionalism than to change his or her name to Plumber the Plumber or Urologist the Urologist.

Pitchwife concocts special pitch with which he can seal and reshape broken surfaces, or join together loose structures, such as fragments of a broken mast.