Sparlimb Keelsetter is a Giant that lives in the tunnel-city of Coercri during the First Chronicles. With Wavenhair Haleall, he fathered the triplets that were supposed to end the diaspora of the dwindling Landish colony and bring about some mystical golden age of flowing milk, honey, and seed. Regrettably the recreation resulting in such a utopia was scheduled to occur millennia later (complete with those jolly rainbows and Care Bears the third deity of the unholy trinity had seen on the telly and decided to add as a kawaii afterthought)...

Not much is known about the Giant’s appearance, apart from his grizzled beard and him reaching the height of a Haruchai in an upright fetal position. The reader meets the misfortunate muscleman in The Illearth War when Lord Hyrim’s company enters the Grieve in order to discover what ails the oaken kin. Crouching in a cramped chamber in a state of shock, he is the single inhabitant remaining alive. The Lord awakens him with a mini-caamora by roasting his hand for a moment with blue staff-fire, and manages to hammer a soupcon of sense into the granite skull before dear sonny Kinslaughterer stomps in and makes the cranium in question explode with a fragment of the Illearth Stone.

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