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Sevinhand is the Anchormaster of Starfare's Gem. A lean, elderly Giant, much heated debate roils and churns around his most mystifying name: What is a sevin? How does it relate to a grabbing appendage? And most of all, why does nobody seize Heft Galewrath and demand that she ceases stealing the poor bloke's food? Soon he'll diminish into a bare husk and then further into negative dimensions!

Studying Sevin's Sequestered Significances[]

What is this name of his meant to signify? A mispronunciation of "serving"? "Sewing"? "Sewer"? "Severed"? The text never reveals anything about a stump or an abundance of handicraft or plumbing utensils, and in the case of "seven", nothing is related about a vanishingly rare mutation possibly caused by the combined virulence of the Sunbane and a missed fragment of the Illearth Stone either. The audience can only shake their bemused heads. A similar ambiguity is to be found within Grimmand Honninscrave's name, but the Word of God has revealed that a grim man does not crave an honnin; it reads Grim-Hand Honors-Crave. Until another such blessed occurrence, Sevin could denote anything from an exotic fish to a Giantish nickname for a massive wossname.


Apart from this conundrum, Sevinhand's never-mirthful character also rebels against the classic Giantish stereotype by floating in a gloomy grayness of melancholy, as if he had proclaimed himself some kind of epitome of a wintertime Finn. It is therefore a sheer wonder he has not yet founded a metal band together with Grimmand--and - via a two-way, static caesure - Longwrath. That trio certainly possess the right names and attitudes for the business.

Sevinhand does harbor a reason for his heartache and overall dour demeanor, however: a nicor snacked upon his wife Seatheme (talk about the author sinking into a bog of uncreativity with Giant names again...) while she attempted to summon such a beast to tow an inert ship.

After Honninscrave's death, Sevinhand becomes the new Master of Starfare's Gem.