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Saltheart Foamfollower is a Giant.

He appears in Lord Foul's Bane and The Power That Preserves (which is a book, not an ultra-hyped novel preservative) as a flesh-and-blood character, as an Andelainian ghost in The Wounded Land, and further as something of a scrap of memory in Against All Things Ending.  

Looks and Character[]

Foamfollower ("sea compass") stands at least 12ft tall and bulges with muscle and perhaps some other

Baby Foamy hugging a Ranyhyn foal and a wee ur-vile.

Giantish assets as well, sports a short, stiff beard, and, in spite of some intriguing cover representations, wears a leather jerkin and leggings. His skin appears very fair when a wild magic -powered lavabath scrubs away all dirt and shame, the hue of alabaster. His merry, small eyes sit in the shade of a massive brow, and his high voice resembles the chuckling of a blithe brook. Such attributes manifest themselves best when he falls into mouth-frothing berserkergang and tears Cavewights from limb to limb with the main strength of bare hands. Perhaps this is why fans oft call him "Foamy", although the variant "Foamswallower" also exists. We will not pursue the meaning of the latter in greater detail.

History and Appearances[]

A partially song-powered Giantship from Estonian mythology. (Nikolai Triik/Eesti Kunstimuuseum)

Foamfollower was born aboard a Giantship during the aftermath of Kevin Landwaster's desecration, and has reached the respectable age of one millennium when Covenant tumbles grumbling and hellfiring into the Land. At that time the Giant colony of Coercri employs him as a legate. When not stomping about and leaving sled-sized footprints in his wake, he rides a gildenlode boat that is propelled onwards by the power of magic song: Even in this far-flung other-realm, Fennic inventions have found their niche. Undoubtedly some of the Lords of Revelstone play a primitive form of Angry Birds during their pastime

Foamy wading his way through the dark tunnels, wait. (Giant Kalevipoeg in Põrgu, Hell. Oskar Kallis/Eesti Kunstimuuseum)

with slingshots and great auks. Perhaps also some apprentice noita invaded Donaldson's dreams by accident during an unsuccessful loveenlankeemus, supplying him with images of Soini Kalevipoeg, the tragic giant-hero that bears some striking similarities to this otherverse cousin. 

Through various adventures, Foamfollower becomes Covenant's greatest friend, one that wrings even tears out of this bitter flintheart.


Briny the Pirate

French Foamy[]

In the land of baguettes and Napoleons, Foamfollower became "Briny the Pirate" via an...interesting translation. The cover art furthermore claims his skin is blue and that he wields a cutlass.

This may be a marginal improvement over the Martian green skin and dislocated jaw of some of the English covers.