Wait... that apron's not ochre? That's a nifty-lookimg bow tie though, Steve..


Another SRD-obsessed fanboi, not very successfully trying to look like his hero.

SRD... shortform for (and initials of) the writer Stephen Reeder (yes, really - no giggling please) Donaldson.

When it comes to the maximum opus that is the entirety of The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, or alternatively the Gap Series, or Mordant's Need et al, this guy's the author - nay, the Creator - of the whole damn lot.

Despite this, it is unknown whether he suffers from a shocking lack of dentistry, favours the wearing of dusty ochre robes or enjoys begging. It is also entirely unclear if he views being run down by cars as a viable and worthwhile hobby, or whether he thinks it is a good idea to wander wild-haired around town, muttering to himself incomprehensibly whilst carrying a placard proclaiming that the end is in fact nigh.