The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

Covenant, with Linden on bass and Bluff Stoutgirth on lead guitar, belting out his début single "Hell and Damnation". Unfortunately, Stave got cut from the band because he just couldn't play drums.

These Giantish names for humans refer not to the enthusiasts of a specific type of music - a good thing, since the Landians almost certainly never performed anything heavier than lyre speed-plucking. However, even if "lead axe man" tends to mean something completely different to the Giants, it requires a far smaller leap of the imagination to picture a couple of long-haired, bearded Giants, clad in their stone mail and leather pants, grabbing electric guitars and weaving a thick tapestry of galloping, undulating Viking metal rhythm out of the icy sea-breeze, frothing brine and the deep thump of the waves slapping against the side of a dromond.

"Rockbrother" and "Rocksister", whilst sounding rather corny so many decades after the 70’s, show Giantish affection towards special humans. In the Third Chronicles, Rime Coldspray gifted the Haruchai Stave with such an honorific. It is said that a roll of those fortunate few awarded such a title is reverentially kept within Gianthome, set down in a sacred tome with the Giantish runes Kerrang! carved into its granite cover.

Other deferential titles include Giantfriend - as bestowed upon High Lord Damelon - and Earthfriend. Within the fandom, Giantfangirl has also gained some modest success and especially in icier Northern climes, where there exists a natural affinity to all things jötunn. Plus of course those seemingly never-ending winter nights are so long there that the imagination tends to reach a fever pitch and branch off into all sorts of weird and wonderful directions.