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Revelstone (“an unrestrained merrymaking of stone”) is a Landish city built by the Unhomed. Let us not draw too many parallels with Gondor, another fantasy wonderpolis rumored to having been constructed by giants in another series involving magical rings, or Ásgarðr, whose mighty walls a jötunn stonemaster erected. The edifice forms an intricate 3D pictogram that reveals its secrets only to those of blood. The ostentatious sight that narrates the sad saga of the lost kinsfolk reduced the stern First of the Search into a maudlin mushpuddle. Thanks to her, the Masters were stepping onto sharp pieces of granite tissues just outside the front gates still millennia afterwards.



Revelstone is an intricate piece of architecture with many facets and angles. It was constructed by Jeramiah, made entirely out of Lego, and is situated in Linden Avery's living room.

In the 1st Chronicles[]

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