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Onyx Stonemage is a Swordmain from the more adept end. In her care, all swords also grow too long for easy use without inspiring complaint, which implies that she possesses some considerable skill in the Giantish arts of love.

Together with Frostheart Grueburn, the level of whose intelligence she doubts, she provides most of the rambunctious warrior humor in the Last Chronicles. She might have died in the battle against Roger Covenant and his xn Cavewights, were it not for Linden's wonderstick spreading alleviation and saving the day yet anew.

In The Last Dark[]


Stonemage marches through the Earth's last whimpers and the subsequent recreation unharmed, and stands together with the much diminished troop of Giants in Andelain to bid farewell to the anti-heroic trinity of novel Landish gods at the very end of the Last Dark. Among others, Stave invites her to join the Council of Lords in Revelstone, so that the Giantesses might, with their hilarity and kindliness, steer the haruheaded berks in a more reasonable direction. How she extends her kindliness to the Haruchai remains a tale unnarrated.