One can perhaps see why a child might find such a sight somewhat disturbing... but frankly, we're clutching at straws here.

These three bizarre-looking words represent one of the main sets of names by which the ravers - that trio of unclean, tree-hating and possession-hungry spirits that comprise Lord Foul's most trusted servants - are known.


Unlike the Raver names that originate from the Middle East, this set of soubriquets is confusing. All three names originate from Sanskrit and all three - rather oddly - describe pseudo-mystical states of higher consciousness. Huh??? Suddenly this is all getting a little too new age, if you ask me... better pass me over an amanibhavam roll-up. Whatever next? The Despiser receiving an aromatherapeutic hot stone massage from one raver to cleanse his chakras, while another lights scented candles and dusts the many dream-catchers hanging from the craggy ceiling of Kiril Threndor and the third endlessly puts on a series of CDs of relaxing whalesong?

Anyhow, to return to the meanings of these three names...

moksha is not a type of hot beverage served by Starbucks™. It is instead a concept from Hinduism, loosely meaning the absence of suffering and a release from bondage. (Errr... okay).

turiya is not a variety of small dog. It shares the same linguistic and religious origins as the above and delineates "the experience of pure consciousness". (Whatever the Hell that means).

samadhi isn't the French for 'Saturday'. It is once more a Hindu term, denoting a state of complete control over the functions and distractions of consciousness. (More happy hippy mumbo-jumbo).

The perplexing thing is that none of the above are seen as undesirable states of being in the least, so it's baffling why SRD selected them as names for some of the most malevolent entities appearing within the Chronicles - perhaps he got frightened as a child in India by some wild-eyed loincloth-clad guru or other crazed swami?

Roles in the ChroniclesEdit

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