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One can perhaps see why a child might find such a sight somewhat disturbing... but frankly, we're clutching at straws here.

These three words represent one of the main sets of names by which the ravers - that trio of unclean, tree-hating and possession-hungry spirits that comprise Lord Foul's most trusted servants - are known.


Unlike the Raver names that originate from the Middle East, this set of soubriquets all originate from Sanskrit and all three describe pseudo-mystical states of higher consciousness.

  • moksha is a concept from Hinduism, loosely meaning the absence of suffering and a release from bondage.
  • turiya shares the same linguistic and religious origins as the above and delineates "the experience of pure consciousness".
  • samadhi is once more a Hindu term, denoting a state of complete control over the functions and distractions of consciousness.

Roles in the Chronicles[]

Please refer to the more general wiki article on the ravers that can be found here.