The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

So long, Moire. It was nice getting to know you... not that we ever did.

Another utterly unremarkable and thus unmemorable Swordmain and member of Rime Coldspray's ten-strong group of cannon fodder - it must have been sheer hell for this bold group of warriors to take out life insurance, ere setting sail on their perilous quest, given the ensuing mortality rate. Premiums must have cost an arm and a leg (well, in Cirrus Kindwind's case, very definitely an arm)...

Pretty much the only interesting thing about Moire Squareset is her name. "Squareset" might be a reference to her blocky build or, given The Giants' love of all things nautical, to a manner of rigging a ship's sails, or both. However, "moire" (pronoucnced "mwahr") means "of watery or wavelike appearance". As such, it is usually used to describe delicate fabrics like silk or satin.

Now this is curious, since as we all know, no self-respecting giantess would ever clad herself in such, preferring the practicality and durability of leather and granite. Although it is never made clear, it is equally apparent that the giantesses do not even favour the Landish equivalent of Victoria's Secret™ for their undergarments, opting again instead for hide or stone skimpies, no matter how much these might chafe. A hardy lot, these Swordmainnir. It is rumoured however that Frostheart Grueburn invariably chooses to go commando, a fact that, if true, must strike even more fear into the hearts of her adversaries.

Anyhow, Moire Squareset dies almost as anonymously as she lives, getting munched upon by a bad-tempered skurj in Fatal Revenant.