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Linden's Army (LA) is an organized bibliophilic force dedicated to the defense and support of Linden Avery the Chosen. In The Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, they are the numerous and varied people (and beings) from all over the Land who have come to Linden's side in order to aid her quest. In the Kevin's Watch forum, they are those members who profess their faith in, and admiration of, Linden Avery. In the wider world, they are everyone who is capable of

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recognizing and praising the good in each of us, and of resisting the temptations of cynicism.

Thomas Covenant himself is a member.

"Lady, I have observed that your true strength lies in neither the Staff of Law nor in white gold. Rather it lies in the force of self which attracts aid and allies wherever you are, even from among a-Jeroth’s former servants. You inspired the Mahdoubt’s devoir as you did mine, and that of the Demondim-spawn as well. You do not have such friends because you wield magicks, but rather because you are Linden Avery the Chosen."



Linden's Army can be recognized by the Member of Linden's Army Item.


They may also be known by the LA Heart in their avatar.

Allies and Enemies[]

Allies of Linden's Army include, but are not limited to, Giant Lovers, Ranyhyn Riders, and sensible people.

Linden's Army defends Linden against the depredations of Lord Foul , his Ravers, THOOLAH , and other vile beings. 

(And how exactly are you going to defend her against me? ~Lord Foul)

(... Do you want me to slap you down again, anile boy? ~She Who Must Not Be Named)

Literary Members[]

Linden did not have her Army in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. However, Pitchwife's self-proclaimed admiration and faith in Linden Avery merits this Giant an honorary commission.

In The Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Linden's Army consists of these individuals, in the order that they enlisted.

Anele, child of Sunder and Hollian
Thomas Covenant, Timewarden
Liand, Stonedownor
Bhapa, Ramen
Pahni, Ramen
Hyn, Ranyhyn
Hynyn, Ranyhyn
Mahrtiir, Ramen
Hrama, Ranyhyn
Naharahn, Ranyhyn
Narunal, Ranyhyn
Rhohm, Ranyhyn
Whrany, Ranyhyn
Esmer, an alloyed being
The Mahdoubt, Insequent
Mhornym, Ranyhyn 
Bhanoryl, Ranyhyn
Naybahn, Ranyhyn
The Theomach, Insequent
Rime Coldspray, Giant
Frostheart Grueburn, Giant
Onyx Stonemage, Giant
Halewhole Bluntfist, Giant
Stormpast Galesend, Giant
Cirrus Kindwind, Giant 
Cabledarm, Giant
Latebirth, Giant
Moire Squareset, Giant 
Scend Wavegift, Giant
The Harrow, Insequent
The Ardent, Insequent
Jeremiah Avery, Linden's adopted son
Khelen, Ranyhyn
Rallyn, Ranyhyn
Hooryl, Ranyhyn
The Lurker of the Sarangrave
Vigilall Scudweather, Giant
Bluff Stoutgirth, Giant
Baf Scatterwit, Giant
Etch Furledsail, Giant
Hurl, Giant
Keenreef, Giant
Squallish Blustergale, Giant
Far Horizoneyes, Giant
Spume Frothbreeze, Giant
Wiver Setrock, Giant
Lord Foul, at least after The Last Dark
[more TBA]

Valorous but unnamed, Linden's Army also includes:

The Feroce

It is, indeed, an Army.