The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

Latebirth (left) sharing some bawdy jests with Grueburn while seeking for malachite.

"Lax Blunderfoot" Latebirth is a Swordmain. Her appearance has been lavishly depicted with a single word: blunt, and Against All Things Ending furthermore informs the reader that her snoring sounds more or less like a thuder god convention. Akin to all the other warriors in Coldspray's hird, she wears hardened stone scale mail, and carries a granite longsword. She feels excessive guilt over a fellow Swordmain's - Scend Wavegift's - death, killed by Longwrath while Latebirth tripped over her own feet.

Her cataphract becomes damaged during one of the throw-in-five-and-a-half-kitchen-sinks battles with over 9,000 Cavewights and this seals her fate: later, a skurj eats her alive. It's not going to be an open coffin funeral, then.