The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

Landsdrop, seen looking westwards from the Sarangrave Flat (mind that Lurker now, won't you?)

One of the most dramatic features of the Land, Landsdrop is sometimes referred to as The Fall, but the alternate term most used by Landish inhabitants is "that bloody great cliff".

Landsdrop is very appropriately titled, since it is indeed a massive precipice hundreds of leagues wide and thousands of feet high. Running roughly northwest to southeast. Landsdrop neatly divides the Upper Land from the Lower Land.

Property values tend to be a great deal more pricy on the higher ground, not least because all sorts of nasties lurk in the lower, danker terrain. Typical names for regions of the Lower Land - such as "the Spoiled Plains" and "the Shattered Hills" - are also a major pointer here for any budding Landish property speculator.

The tenebrous bulk of Mount Thunder sits astride the mighty cliff roughly at its mid-point. Tunnels through the ominous mount allow one of the very few accesses between the Upper and Lower Lands, though the path is perilous and fraught with all sorts of dangers (which of course means that the route is travelled with astounding regularity by every band of would-be heroes looking to save the day).

Much further to the southeast can be found the location of the Colossus of the Fall, perched right on the edge of Landsdrop. This eldritch column of stone was originally an Elohim who had the misfortune of being Appointed to the task of eternal stationary security guard, in order to prevent any herbicidal maniacs like Ravers from entering the Upper Land.

Landsdrop is such a dramatically stark feature that it is nigh on impossible to have been caused by normal geological means - and indeed legend has it otherwise. Tales are told that, owing to the careless disposal of so many vile and malevolent banes by being cast into the bowels of Mount Thunder (used over eons as the Land's municipal garbage dump), the very Earth itself eventually shook in revulsion, causing the ground to rupture along hundreds of leagues and Landsdrop thus to form.