A kresh, the inconceivably savage yellow wolf of the plains, hated and feared by all.

The kresh are the lovechildren of Tolkien's wargs and the vargs of Norse mythology. Rather than calling themselves varg wargsson/dottir, they decided to adopt a name distinct from their ancestral packs.

Appearance and Nature

The pelts of these overgrown mutts are a merry sunflower yellow. However, do not be misled by this trope color - bright, happy hues do not always refer to a jovial character. Admittedly, somewhat of an odd choice from the author, considering how tight he clings to the evil green glow stereotype.

Kresh are typically near-on twice the size of wolves from Mundania and as such you'd certainly know about it if one snuck up onto your bed at night. Mainly because it'd have most of your head in its ravening foul-smelling jaws as it tried enthusiastically to bite your face off.

Like their earthly cousins, kresh are very much pack animals, with a typical horde - or defecation, to use the correct collective noun - numbering up to forty or fifty individual members. However, they are considerably more intelligent than their real-world counterparts, a thing which leads to their being able to be mastered by any passing Dark Lord or Raver and thus compelled to do his dire bidding. This is not really a burden to the kresh, since they are all born with a marked tendency towards evil anyway.

Kresh are not known to be territorial in any way and range in loose packs all across the Center Plains. They typically move at a steady lope, but once they spot their prey, they are more than capable of keeping pace with all but the fleetest of steeds.

Kresh are both hunters and scavengers. Okay, their absolute all-time favourite meal is fresh Ranyhyn, but despite this, they are not fussy eaters and will happily chow down on beyond putrid offal that would make an earthly hyena instantly toss its cookies.

Despite the fact that all kresh reek far worse than underwear found on the corpse of a long-dead tramp in the height of summer, they have a keen sense of smell. This combined with their tireless stamina and natural cunning makes them much feared trackers and nigh-on impossible to shake off, once they have picked up on your spoor.

In fact, the only effective advice to be given, if one is being pursued by a pack of kresh, is to find a nearby convenient lamp-post, circle round it at least three times and then head off in a completely different direction. This will distract any chasing kresh, since they will then spend a good fifteen minutes sniffing round the base of said lamp-post and marking it with acrid-smelling urine, which gives any prospective prey a chance to make good on their escape. Sadly of course, there are precisely zero lamp-posts within the Land - such things do not feature prominently in fantasy worlds, although there is at least one to be found within the world of Narnia.

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