The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

The all-befouling despishroom. Why would anyone consider eating these???

While canon states that Jeremiah Avery’s autism resulted from a post-traumatic stress disorder instigated by his maiming in Lord Foul’s bonfire, some fans cling to a different opinion. According to it, one sunny day when Linden had locked herself into a closet to weep, and the Finnish-Swedish immigrant childminder had guzzled enough koskenkorva to kill a herd of horses and thus lay snoring and drooling on the sofa instead of helping the wee ickle half-hand to unfasten Lego blocks from a gigantic ball of spit-dripping chewing gum, the lad sneaked out and found some intriguing mushroom life on the backyard. He had never encountered the like ere that fateful moment: carious yellow of cap and gills, smelling of attar, and fashioned with uncanny markings, reminiscent of vile fang-shaped eyes that seemed to stare straight into the depths of the perturbed boy's soul...  

In spite of their foreboding appearance, he decided to sample some, and after a few sporadic pink alicorns and draconequi exploding into existence around his head, he found himself plummeting into a realm of shapeshifting feyfolk, time-traveling horses and bfgs ...and the rest is of course history.