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The Insequent ("off sequence") are a wizardous race of humans introduced in the 3rd Chronicles.

Appearance and Powers

Generally the Insequent follow the humdrum physique and looks of human beings, but, apart from the Harrow, their fashion sense would make posh stylists from the Real World commit mass suicide. The Mahdoubt, for instance, has dragged the fundamental idea of patchwork quilt one scandalous step further, and deemed that such an atrocity would make a charming outfit with a couple of added seams. The Ardent's costume resembles something that a colorblind mop-maker sans a sense of proportion might produce. It consists of garish, multi-hued, fluttering ribbands which he often utilizes as extra appendages.


Purpose and Post-Integration into the Previous Chronicles


Mentioned Members[]

Anyone smug enough to use a definite article about themselves can be included in this race of interminglers.

  • The Acolyte
  • The Ardent
  • The Auriference
  • The Harrow
  • The Mahdoubt
  • The Theomach
  • The Vizard