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Heft Galewrath at the wheel of Starfare's Gem

Heft "Weight/Effort of heaving" Galewrath is a Giantess, and as the Storesmaster, holds the keys to the various larders of Starfare's Gem. This, if anything, manifests itself in her ample girth.

Looks and Character[]

A blunt-demeanored and burly woman, she is described with such mirth-bubbling terms as "stolid". Silence appears to be her base element and she never laughs, making the reader wonder whether she bears a significant quantity of Haruchai DNA within her flint-lined blood vessels. Joyful occasions that make for instance Pitchwife grin so widely his head is about to split in two she celebrates with "a nod". How festive. Beware, a single paper streamer might get too fancy for this one. Her strength to tolerate hardship and physical loads, however, rises beyond prodigious: when Starfare's Gem capsizes, she practically merges with the granite of the deck and holds the rudder against a storm and prevents the dromond from listing further for hours, before Honninscrave hammers down the midmast. Hence, apart from a Haruchai grandfather, perhaps one of her grandmommies was a mossy boulder coaxed awake and into sentience by some errant spell of an Insequent.

Galewrath fulfills a prevailing theory about the Giantesses, apart from being somberer, possessing higher levels of testosterone than their male counterparts, or whatever hormones (Gigastrogen?) rage within those towering bodies. She might not sport a beard, but none of the men attempt to harness a nicor into a cyclopean sea-horse to tow the lack-of-wind-crippled ship, nor butcher a couple of scores of enemies with a poker face. Well, the First does the latter, but her sword does not reside between her legs. Whatever the distribution of temperaments aboard Starfare's Gem, the women seem nevertheless more inclined to assume the rigors of leadership and face outright the obligatory monsters of the odyssey, including a mob of maniacal merewives managing to ensnare a couple of horny Haruchai beneath the waves. And while practically everyone, including Grimmand the Master and Pitchwife her own husband, bows and scrapes to the First, Galewrath acknowledges her with one of her slight nods. So much for decorum between the kick-arse ladies.