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Halewhole Bluntfist (on the right) and Onyx Stonemage, preparing to fight yet another horde of fell foes for the bazilionth time.

Halewhole Bluntfist is another sketchily described Swordmain in Rime Coldspray's troop and as such, the reader fears the worst for her, since so many of the armour-clad giantesses have about as many future prospects as a snowball in an industrial microwave.

It's even nigh on impossible to work out much about her from her name - sure, she's both hale and whole, but then again, what Swordmain isn't? It's not like that band of hardy warriors is ever going to throw open its doors to sickly wimps missing various limbs. In point of fact, the missing limbs part may only occur after one has joined up and gone through the oh so rigorous training - and that's only likely to happen if one is faced with an overwhelming number of ravening skurj. Anyhow, returning to Halewhole Bluntfist and her name, we're never even informed if her fists are noticeably blunt or not - in fact we're not told much about her at all.

Although only depicted in the sparsest of fashions, Halewhole Bluntfist is believed to be one of the more dour and taciturn of the Swordmainnir - well, true or not, she certainly doesn't utter even one memorable line of dialogue.

In The Last Dark[]


It is with not an inconsiderable amount of surprise, given the prospective cannon-fodderish entire lack of detail with which Halewhole Bluntfist is depicted, that the reader discovers that she is one of the few survivors of the final battle under Mount Thunder. Many would have bet their house upon her becoming one of the ever-mounting pile of Good Guy™ corpses. However, despite these forebodings, she quite staggeringly lives up to the first part of her name and is one of only four BFG warriors to survive - emerging from the vast litany of seemingly never-ending Ragnarøkkr-style events both hale and whole. Thus she is present at the very end, when in Lollipop Land she joins in with the few survivors in waving goodbye to the newly deified trinity of the gaunt and grumpy one, the weepy and whiny one and the sulky and teenager-ish one.