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Grimmand Honninscrave (Grim-hand Honors-crave, according to the Word of God, as opposed to “grim man craving a honnin”) is the Master of Starfare’s Gem, the older brother of Cable Seadreamer, and the most testosterone-laden stud of a Giant ever to flex his bulging muscles on the pages of the Chronicles. It is to hope that rabid animu otakus never discover his existence and transform him into a kawaii desu bishounen complete with peachy cheeks and a button nose. He makes his flesh-and-blood appearances in the Second Chronicles, and haunts a few pages of Against All Things Ending as an Andelainian spectre.

Semblance and Character[]

Imagine a 12-foot Thor (NOOO! Not the Marvel travesty and certainly not the one in a wedding dress!) with a beard akin to a clenched fist, stomping along a granite deck and delivering commands with his rumbly thunderclap of a voice. Such is the captain of the lofty Giantship, a baronial presence that puts the panties of cuckoo fangirls in a permanent twist. He observes at the wide salt-seas from beneath thick, bristly brows, and, according to some of Covenant’s musings, resembles Foamfollower to some extent.

Honninscrave does not jog along the same paths of bubbly joviality strewn with confetti and smiley-faced balloons as the rest of his race (omitting the First and Sevinhand) and Pinkie Pie. A somber persona, he frets over the accident his ambition caused to his brother, and the torturesome eruption of the Earth-Sight as a direct consequence. Despite this, he is an adept captain and possesses a vast knowledge of the Earth’s oceans, which is why he was elected to lead the Search as its Second. Akin to his distant cousin 3000 years before, he is prone to lapsing into bouts of depression and desperation that even the grief-fire cannot succor, particularly after the fall of his beloved brother. This seems like a common flaw among the Giants, however, as Pitchwife demonstrates the same in a tale referring to his youth. His name implies an innate hunger for achievement, which later culminates into a rash, vain attack against Gibbon-Raver in the bowels of Revelstone and becoming mercy-killed by a Sandgorgon in order to rend the malicious spirit now possessing him.

Background and Storyline[]

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