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Giantfriend, akin to Ent-friend in a certain other fantasyverse brimming with magical rings, is a high honorific bestowed upon a worthy non-Giantish individual by a member of the race in question. Three known persons have borne such a title, namely High Lord Damelon, Thomas Covenant, and Linden Avery, granted to the latter two by The First of the Search and Rime Coldspray, respectively. Covenant gained the most deferential expression of respect ever, Earthfriend, after spouting some melodramatic poetry by the roots of Revelstone while in the hearing range of an excessively sentimental Giantess.

Pro Tip: If you, gentle reader, ever find yourself stranded in The Land, fish for favors by at least whistling your favorite TV commercial tune. Verses from Beowulf will bring a troupe of Swordmainnir prostrate at your feet.