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A party of Feroce floating eerily through their native swampy environment.

The Feroce are the Lurker's wee little swamp-toadies and worship the glorified hentai monster as their supreme omnipotent High God.

Appearance and Character[]

In some sense, the Feroce resemble demented, radioactive Powerpuff Girls. They possess luminous green hairless bodies, dinnerplate-sized eyes and prefer to parade around naked like drunken Finns after a sauna. Sickly, nacreous flames of puissance often flicker over their extended hands. They are timid and squeaky of character, akin to those annoying cartoon sidekicks who attempt to look helpless and cute but who actually make the viewer's hands curl into involuntary fists. The Feroce have no individuality, but instead communicate through a hive mind of some ilk, connected straight to the Lurker's perverted mental workings.

In some languages descended from Latin, "Feroce" denotes "fierce, savage". Regarding their henhearted nature, one must wonder if this naming demonstrates a sample of the Lurker's tentacle-in-cheek humor.


The Feroce's essentially wet and wimpish nature gives a major clue to their ancestry - they are descended from the jheherrin, the mud creatures discarded by Lord Foul as factory rejects who help Covenant and Foamy at the culmination of The Power That Preserves. It then follows that the Feroce must also be related to the sur-jheherrin who appear in the Second Chronicles and the skest, those messy green bubbles of acid that float around so annoyingly.


The Feroce don't have much going for them really. Sole among their talents is an ability to affect the memory of both living things and inanimate objects. This mysterious power can be used for ill - by trapping someone in their past memories and making them next to useless for a while - or for good - the Feroce manage to make a granite bridge that is near-on collapse "remember" that it used to be undamaged and strong, allowing the good guys to escape yet another heap of peril in the nick of time.