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This catalogue boasts of being the grandest-ever index of Donaldson-related fanfiction, comprising of over ten pieces! As you can behold, gentle reader, the enthusiasm of the fandom to devote their time and resources to storytelling well exceeds that of Harry Potter, Twilight, Doctor Who, and MLP:FIM combined!

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant[]

The First Chronicles[]

It Cannot Be Now Set Aside, Nor Passed On (Part I and Part II)
Authored by iQuestor
Characters: Korik, Sill, Doar

Can't Be What I'm Not
Authored by Rose G
Characters: Bannor

Carry Me Home
Authored by Rose G
Characters: Bannor

The Tower of Kaeresh
Authored by Alcaknight
Characters: Covenant, Mhoram

Lord Mhoram's Last Quest
Authored by amanibhavam
Characters: Mhoram

The Second Chronicles

Authored by Frostheart
Characters: Pitchwife and Gossamer Glowlimn
Pre-2nd Chronicles, complete.

Nom’s Garden
Authored by wayfriend
Characters: Nom, Dock Hawserbraid (fan character)
Post-2nd Chronicles, complete.

Authored by ???
Characters: Pitchwife, Gossamer Glowlimn, others
Post-White Gold Wielder, complete(?).

The Last Chronicles[]

The Long Journey of the Lost
Authored by Frostheart
Characters: Rime Coldspray and her Swordmainnir, Lostson Longwrath
Pre-3rd Chronicles, incomplete.

A fusion of elements from all Chronicles[]

The Durance of the Earth
Authored by Mighara Sovmadhi

The Island of Sungrace
Authored by Mighara Sovmadhi
Characters: Berek, the Theomach, Kenaustin Ardenol

Kevin’s Song
Authored by Mighara Sovmadhi

Less than serious works and notable badfics[]