Etch ("to cause to stand out") Furledsail is a notably tall Giantess and a member of Dire's Vessel's crew introduced during the final few meters of the Last Dark. Akin to Coldspray, her hair has begun to gray, yet she remains comely, and graceful of movement.

Etch Furledsail serves as Linden's substitute Grueburn (who herself, let us not forget, must impersonate a Ranyhyn half the time) in the blind gut of Mount Thunder. Wherefore the author decided to add such an individual- whose name furthermore bears an uncanny similarity to something met in an earlier TCTC fanfiction- can only be beheld as a mystery of grand scales. Did the Swordmain's nerves ultimately crack? Did she require a sporadic potty break? Did Linden leave grass- and tear-stains on her breastplate? Why did the author describe Etch's appearance in more detail in the final chapters of The Last Dark than he did those of the warrior octuplets over the previous entire two and a half tomes? Gah, these conundrums wrapped in enigmas!