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In a dissection, a person selects a deceased frog and cuts it into pieces to scrutinize the arrangement of its internal organs. Well, perchance one ought not to compare Donaldson’s chapters to deceased frogs, but the analogy remains: exanimate amphibians specific segments of a novel are parceled out to overenthusiastic fans, who then analyze approximately every separate line while reiterating the plotline - as if readers had not, well, read it hereunto. Sometimes grand disputes erupt around a single letter, or even a portion of it. Ragnarok or Ragnarökkr? What, those two dots above the o were not flypoop? Well, while Anglo-Americans might regard them as superfluous decoration, any sane Scandinavians would have already whetted their axes and stocked the longship for a journey of revenge over such a slight.

Whereas literature analysts may only reveal mere hot air while jamming their critical scalpels knife into novels that for instance blather about disco ball vampires and whatnot evolutionary quirks of the fantasy world, Donaldson’s prose-bodies will reveal more organs than one might imagine - and the function of some may only be clarified by the last sentence of a series that has taken three decades to write.


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