This portentous pot serves as the sea-vehicle of Rime Coldspray and her warriors as they first drag Longwrath to Bhrathairealm for shackling and then pursue his perverted desires into the Land. Talk about kink! It's depicted as a compact stone dromond housing an additional crew of 20 people next to the 10 Swordmainnir participating in the labor when not guarding the drooling madgiant or snoring through entire storms, as did Frostheart Grueburn.

No reader should however miss the jaw-dropping detail about fashion aboard the dromond. Whereas every haruhead and lumbering ox from the armpit of the Land still wears those nondescript baggy tunics, the Giantish sailors have embraced breeches and kyrtles sewn out of stiff canvas. Come now, 10,000 years of those same bloody tunics? Hire a Giant fashionista to introduce haute couture into your unimaginative lives, you Landish louts! Besides, the Haruchai at least would have the required strength to wear granite willy warmers.