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Chant, as ever looking breathtakingly suave, sophisticated and elegant.

Chant is a member of the sorcerous Elohim.

Appearance and Character[]

Along with all that eldritch race, Chant is capable of shapeshifting and adopting any form that he desires. He typically appears as a breathtakingly beautiful and elegant young man - but needless to say, no more beautiful or elegant than any of his fellows. (The Elohim are permanently trying to outvogue each other, but to little or no avail). Chant is especially fond of magically changing his outfit every half hour, to be offset more perfectly by the changing ambient light.

Even for an Elohim, Chant is especially vain and foppish, spending never-ending hours on personal grooming. He is a master of misdirection and doublespeak - and as such, would have made a great politician. Chant has an absolute distaste for all lesser beings - i.e. anyone who is not an Elohim - together with an absolute horror of getting his hands dirty, both literally (of course - dirt can hardly be considered elegant) and in terms of even dealing with those he considers beneath him - i.e. mostly everyone.

Story Involvement[]

Chant upon hearing the shocking news that Vain has escaped the faery mound.

Chant appears in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, where he is involved in the ensorcelment of Thomas Covenant and the attempted entrapment of Vain, while the good guys spend some time upon the enchanted isle of the Elohim. He is particularly horrified at the fact that Vain manages to escape the Elohim's clutches.