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Cabledarm on her way up the malachite cliff, assuring her fellow Swordmainnir that she's more than butch enough to play keepy-uppy with Stave as the ball.

As is suggested by her very name (i.e. arms with muscles like cables), Cabledarm is an able-armed, carefree and confident Swordmain, much prone to vaunting her strength rather than intelligence or cunning. Having proclaimed herself the mightiest of the Swordmainnir warriors, she both exchanges friendly banter and wages bicep-and-thew wars with Grueburn, who demands the right to the same title. How very twee and ladylike of them both! In the end, it turns out that the latter was the mightier.

In the Last Dark[]

Cabledarm becomes severely wounded while catching a falling Stave during a hazardous search for malachite for Jeremiah's Elohim fane. In her subsequent rebuke, The Ironhand implies that she presumes too much, acting too daredevilish for her own good. After much oozing of blood and the grueling task of temple-building almost claiming Cabledarm's life through sheer exhaustion, Linden does heal her. However, any further character development of this sketchily depicted Giantess is cut short by an epic fail on a field of flailing skurj. Perhaps her heart could not any more belabor under the never-ceasing stress. One of the Haruchai claims her sword to cut some Sandgorgon steaks.