Cable Seadreamer is a Giant and the younger brother of Grimmand Honninscrave. His name can be deduced to bear the following meaning: A cable smacked him in the face, resulting into an eruption of Earth-Sight: dreams of a vile corruption wounding and putrefying the very essence of the Earth somewhere beyond the wide seas

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Omitting a less hirsute lower half to his a visage, the looks and apparel of the 12-foot oracle match those of the Master of Starfare’s Gem, yet praise Cthulhu and all Shoggoth-spawns that the Giants at least have the sense to alter their fashion every 3,000 years or so, unlike their Landish pals. Hence he clothes himself in leather leggings and a stonemail sark, the previous of which might refer to anything from winingas to the skin-tight travesties of trousers teenage girls like to frolic around these days. Granted, those would accentuate his musclebound, shapely legs, but might prove quite impractical and, well... chafing, unless he wore a medieval codpiece as well. Or granite shorts, of course.

The author demonstrates a few continuous fetishes concerning physical attributes, such as sightlessness and hunchback-ism. Possessing a deep scar beneath the eyes belongs to exactly such a group (see also Nick Succorso and Longwrath), and Seadreamer embodies this perverse fascination in the 2nd Chronicles.

Seadreamer’s moods seesaw from troubled to outright depressed: the direct outcome of his abominable visions along with muteness. He apprenticed as a sailor at some point during his youth, yet is actually never described as attending to nautical duties. On the contrary: Consumed by his distress, he slumps prolonged periods of time on the fore of the vessel, staring at a vague space somewhere between his knees and the gray horizon. He does, however, spring to arse-kicking action when necessary, such as protecting Covenant against rave(r)nous eels. To make others comprehend his needs, he relies on a form of sign language and perhaps even illustrates his visions for other Giants to decipher, as it seems that he cannot write. Mind you, it's unclear how successful this latter strategy would be, since it's not known whether the Giants are particularly adept at Pictionary™ in the first place.