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Scatterwit is a comic relief Giantess in The Last Dark. Part of Dire’s Vessel’s crew, she is not only short of a few sails in the masts but the entire rigging as well. Perhaps the author added her as revenge after some disgruntled fans complained of the Swordmainnir being nothing but raucous caricatures. Both out of sympathy and also confessing to similar moments of baffled scatterwittedness, the writer-illustrator of this article gave this poor sod her own hairdo and color.

Whatever the reasons behind such a character, the other crewmembers’ love and esteem of her jab at the discrimination against such people in, perhaps not the Landish, but other humanish cultures of the multiverse. Unfortunately she soon runs up against one of Donaldson’s basic and most obdurate laws of angst-storytelling: destroy all that are cute and lovable in the most horrific ways possible.