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An arghule in its natural habitat. Okay okay, hands up. We admit it... we have no clue what one looks like either.

So... since we know precisely nothing about their appearance - thanks, Steve - arghuleh may well look like this instead.

In fact, we're so clueless that arghuleh might just as well look like this... or this... or indeed like anything else at all.

Arghule (pl. arghuleh) is a creature most delvers of modern fantasy would associate with a Frost Giant: immensely strong and possessing snowflakes for DNA, yet both violent and as moronic as a lobotomized starfish. Then again, upon hearing such an analogy Team RimeFrost might chuckle humorlessly for a second, and make the misled sod listen to half a dozen days of High Giantish poetry at swordpoint. (Nor would the mightiest of the Swordmainnir appreciate nicknames such as Frosty the Arghule, for that matter…).

The monsters may resemble aggregates of melted-together ice cubes that have crawled out of some titan’s beer. Or perhaps zombie snowmen without the jolly carrot noses. Or maybe deranged bluish-white walruses. In fact, just go ahead and imagine whatever you like - literally anything that happens to strikes your personal fancy, since Stevie's sparse to say the least with any description of the "ice beasts".

What is known however is that arghuleh lead a form of nippy life on the Northron Climbs and other arctic areas of the Earth. Their presence is preceded by a far-reaching weather front of plummeting temperatures that Giants cannot perceive. How they eat or produce ickle baby arghulings is not known, but scientists presume they lay ice eggs and let those hatch buried deep within the frigidest permafrost the Land can provide. Unconfirmed stories state that wandering Elohim have sometimes mistaken such globules for, well, ice cubes, and attempted to cool their chic cocktails with them ere flinging the whole beverage away in disgust after spotting the embryos floating within. The creatures hunt and defend themselves by throwing nets of glittering substance that turn into casings of solid ice upon touching the target.

Linden, Covenant, and the Search encountered arghuleh while returning to the Land over an icebound tract of sea. At that time, their leader (as far as one can discuss the feasibility of sapient snow…) was possessed by a croyel, making the critters alter their behavior. They attacked the company with their wintry arsenal, proving that both Giants and Haruchai can withstand short-term cryotreatment by having variable amounts of body mass enveloped in ice and yet remain unscathed. Granted, the First could have fashioned the arm-icicle into a deadly gauntlet, had it neither hazarded her health nor was it inevitably fated to instantly melt away during the next Sun of Desert