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"Occasionally, becoming an Appointed involves the unfortunate Elohim selected in being magically transformed in some way..."

Appointed is a generic title given to a member of the Elohim who has been singled out to perform what those haughty faery folk believe to be a duty of unavoidable importance. Becoming Appointed is an extremely rare occurrence, since the Elohim generally view all mundane matters as far beneath their consideration and not worth even the most momentary thought. It's only when they become convinced that some dire occurrence will come about to cramp their ineffable style or in some way disturb their quintessentially chic and elegant lifestyle that they will decide to appoint an Appointed.

Reasons For Selection[]

The Elohim like to maintain that the selection of one of their race to become an Appointed is carried out by a scrupulously fair and random blind drawing of lots. This is of course complete hogwash - the lottery is always rigged to single out an Elohim who has in the eyes of his or her fellows behaved in a way that was fractionally less than übercool, a thing which is the most heinous of all possible sins in Elemesnedene.


No Elohim would ever volunteer to become an Appointed, since the duty bestowed upon such is always ever-lasting, invariably incredibly boring and worst of all removes the Elohim selected from the designer-created environs of Elemesnedene for all of time. So that's no more voguing in front of one's fellows, no more lounging effortlessly and elegantly at a permanent cocktail party, no longer even a single glimpse of Infelice's perfectly trimmed eftmound, let alone there being any chance of entering therein - it's a fate too horrible to even think about for any Elohim.

To make matters yet more dire - if such a thing were possible - occasionally, becoming an Appointed involves the unfortunate Elohim selected in being magically transformed in some way in order to be able to carry out his or her duties. For example, one Appointed became a huge pillar of stone and another transmogrified into a magic stick - and let's face it, neither shape lends itself particularly well to the wearing of high fashion designer clothing.

Thus it is that, whereas other Elohim may refer to the one chosen as "the Appointed", it's near-on certain that the coerced "volunteer" would be far more likely to refer to him or herself as "the Disappointed".

Known Appointees[]

There have been four Elohim known to have become Appointed during the entire history of the Land:-

  • The unknown Elohim ordered to be the original guardian of the One Tree
  • Kastenessen who was condemned to his Durance as a living barrier against the skurj