The Gap into Mirror Land Wiki

Amanibhavam, with its distinctive yellow flowers just visible.

Amanibhavam is a revitalizing herbal horse fodder growing natively on thePlains of Ra. It possesses reeking yellow flowers that affect humans in a fashion somewhat similar to the Foul Despishroom. That is, any consummation kicks such poor frail mortals into a vortex of hallucinations and insanity. Due to some fishy reasons, the Ramen Ranyhyn-warders plait these into winsome garlands around their necks and thus encase their heads into permanent clouds of noxious odor. One reason for this peculiar behavior stems from the fact that the god-horses traversing outside their home habitat require occasional flower power to recuperate after escapades with hentai monsters and other eldritch creatures of corruption. The other reason...well, a race that worships horses perchance prefers a constant influx of visions where various features of the terrain acquire equine shapes as well. That, and pink alicorns. One can never go wrong with pink alicorns.

Giants are not immune to the effects of amanibhavam either. Pahni uses a handful of crushed flowers to bully awake an exhausted Coldspray, whereas she and her retinue would have preferred about a hundred years of slumber after an inane escape through the intestines of the Lost Deep. In spite of this similarity to the spirit of hartshorn, the herb has not gained popularity among the Giants, partially due to the nature of the females not fainting in shock after every mouse- and spider-sighting.