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Close-up of some aliantha berries. Don't forget to scatter your seeds!

Aliantha is a Landish deus ex machina berry that always grows on the path of the starving anti-hero. Experts and fans and expert fans speculate that by some eldritch whim of the würds, the plant is genetically linked to the Ranyhyn, as it apparently can hear the grumbling of an empty stomach in advance through time and space, thus able to flourish in a location comfortable to any staggering, hunger-diminished approacher. Aliantha bears also the colloquial name “treasure-berry”, which fits well together with cuddly star-browed neigh-neigh horseys and the usual shipful of BFGs.

In appearance, aliantha is a hollylike shrub laden with viridian (fancy-pants lingo for bluish-green) fruit the size of an anaemic marble. Ere harvesting the berries, the eater must agree to a post-lunch fertility ritual, where seed is scattered across the ground. No, no, not that seed but the plant’s own, which ensures the existence of wee baby aliantha-lings in the future.

Consisting of half vitamins, half Earthpower or other arcane magicks, even a handful manages to nourish and revitalize a band of exhausted Giantesses, omitting the fact that they later complain about having lost weight - not an attribute preferable in a culture where fair maidens compare arm girths and bicep sizes.